Moncla E-Line Services, Inc. core values ensure the well-being of each of its employees through a robust health and safety program.

Furthermore, at the center of Moncla’s core values is the preservation of the environment for future generations. These values are shared from a top down and bottoms up approach. Moncla E-Line Services, Inc. empowers all employees allowing everyone to have a voice in safety and preservation of the environment.

Moncla E-Line Service, Inc. provides safety training which is second to none. All training completed is verifiable through serialized, time stamped certificates. Certificates of completion can be remotely accessed using the internet to ensure training is valid and current. Here at Moncla E-Line Services, Inc.  we know that tractability of training is critical not only for OSHA ,but also for the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.  The remote access of each employees training allows for a streamline approach during the customer pre-mobilization process. Verification of current trainin, provides the Operator peace of mind ensuring compliance with API-RP 75 requirements. Moncla E-Line Services, Inc. is also a member of ISNET World allowing the Operator to complete the necessary desktop audit requirements.

Moncla E-Line Services, Inc. employees a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with fifteen years of experience to ensure safety and regulatory compliance with following agencies at both federal and state levels:

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco and Explosives (BATFE/ATF)
  • Department of Transportation(DOT/FMCSA)
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC)
  • Occupational Safety Health Administration(OSHA)
  • Bureau of Safety Environmental Enforcement(BSEE/formerly MMS)
  • Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)