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Oil in Alaska Brings More Work
15-Jun-2013 / / Gypsy Lyn / View Article

Alaska, home to some of the worlds most extreme climates and dark winters. Also, home to many oil and gas rigs. Alaska, is perhaps one of the most challenging places on Earth for oil and gas exploration and production. Recently a company out of Louisiana, Mocla Cos. just completed building their first work over rig that is scheduled to be torn down and delivered to the Cook Inlet, a very busy drilling area in Alaska. This rig was built with moderation’s for climate, although, it operates much like the current rigs used in the Gulf of Mexico.

Although Moncla Cos. Have never worked in Alaska, they hope that the plans in constructing the work over rig will be more than satisfactory when it comes to dealing with the cold harsh winters and the seismic activity that is common to the state. This rig is called the Moncla 301 and will require approximately 50 employees to man the rig, and many more will be required for transport, assembly, and maintenance. Also, the company will be employing more hands for a second platform rig nearing completion and bound for Alaska later in the summer. The rig's will also hold a warming area for said employees, much like other rigs that are in current fabrication.

It is estimated that the rig will be on location and ready for operation by July 3rd, beginning its move around June 19th. It will first leave LA. Once in Seattle, the rig will be loaded onto a steamship bound for Anchorage. From there it will be transported by truck to Nikiski, Alaska, where a team will assemble the rig.

Mike Moncla, partial owner in Moncla Cos. Explains that the rig will only work on existing wells, and will be responsible for repairing holes in tubing or casing. It will also be responsible for working on wells that are plugged and ready to reopen. The rig itself can work on several wells within one platform.
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