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Moncla Companies' Rig Heads to Alaska
20-Jun-2013 / / Erin Steuber / View Article

Wednesday marked a special day for Moncla Companies of Lafayette as they unveiled their first platform work-over rig. A work-over rig is used to essentially revive old wells, and this one is about to embark on a tedious journey all the way to the last frontier, Alaska.

"It's something that's a little more challenging than we're used to down here," said Mark Moncla. "But at any rate, we're excited about the challenge and we spent a lot of money with some high tech equipment and hopefully it all works out for us."

Moncla was contracted by Hillcorp Energy Company, the third largest production and exploration company in the country.

"There's about 30 wells, 40 wells, per platform that this rig will rig up and then it will just be able to skid over on each well without having to rig all the way down, unless they change legs," said Mike Moncla. "Hillcorps says they have enough work, they're telling us for 10 years, but we have a three year contract. We're building this rig, which is our rig, then Hillcorp is actually building their own rig here as well at Superior Derricks, and then we are going to provide the labor for that rig."

50 employees, used to the south Louisiana climate, will now be working in extreme low temperatures, so the rig had to be "Alaska ready".

"We have a block heater that's on the inside, and basically it heats our block so when we crank the engine on we don't have a catastrophe and put a hole in our block," said Mark.

The rig will be shipped by boat and truck at the end of the week and will hopefully be operational in Alaska by the end of the month.