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Introducing the Moncla 301
12-Jun-2013 / Lafayette / Doug MacDiarmid / View Article

One Acadiana based oil services company was celebrating a major accomplishment Wednesday.

The Moncla 301 is the first platform work over rig created by the Moncla companies. For some it might not seem like a big deal, but it's where the Moncla 301 is heading that makes this project unique and challenging.

"It's a different world for us.It's gonna be a nice challenge for us, but we're up for it," says Mike Moncla.

Moncla is a small, independent oil services company based in Acadiana. They specialize in land and sea operations, but the Moncla 301 is their first platform work over rig.

"We've been in the barge business and the land work over rig business a long time but a platform rig is just a different animal," explains Moncla.

In essence, work over rigs provide maintenance to rehabilitate aged producing and shut in wells, so they can reach their maximum potential again.

It was not only a challenge to construct the rig, but to prepare it for where it's going, Alaska.

"We're pumping steam into all those compartments so they can work in there. We also put up wind walls that are 12 feet so we can protect the employees," says Moncla.

Besides the obvious cold weather, the job presents another dangerous element for the 50 Moncla employees headed to Alaska.

"Anchorage, Alaska is a very seismically active area, so we had to do a lot of seismic loading and there's a whole lot of engineering went into this rig," says Marc "Spook" Moncla.

The Moncla 301 will service platforms for three years in the Cooke Inlet that are owned by Hilcorp Alaska.

"Most of those wells have not been worked over in 30, 40, 50 years, so they have a big project they needed to accomplish," says Mike Moncla.

The Moncla's know the success of this job could open the door for more projects like this in the future.

"We hope that people will consider using a small independent company like we are, and we're up for the challenge," says Marc Moncla.

The Moncla 301 is expected to be loaded up piece by piece for the long journey to Alaska